Sexdocka Head Replacement / Extra




Extra Sexdockan Head / Sexdockan Head Replacement

If you have purchased a Sexdockan from us or would like to get an extra head with your Sexdockan order, you can do it buy simply buying this product. Before you place an order, please read carefully information below:

– If you bought a Sexdockan in the past from us and want to buy a Sexdockan head replacement, please make sure that skin color is similar to the body color of your Sexdockan you bought in the past.

– If you are buying a Sexdockan as an extra with your Sexdockan order, please make sure that the size of the head will match to the body and skin color is similar. For example, if you are buying a 165cm Sexdockan with tan skin, the extra head should be from dolls of 160-170cm size and you should choose tan skin color for the extra head. If you are unsure, you can contact us for an advise before placing an order.


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